ZEBISTIS Symposium 2014

21st - 22nd August 2014, ZHAW Campus Grüental, Wädenswil

The "Zero Emission Buildings" (ZEB) concept is receiving remarkable interest. Once built, ZEBs do not produce harmful emissions, in contrast they may even include beneficial environmental impacts by producing energy, water and other resources.
We live in an era in which sustainability gains ever more importance on different societal levels. Prosperity and well-being of future generations will depend on whether we succeed in adapting our economy to take into account the growing scarcity of resources. The built environment, which is responsible for a significant part of the global energy and material consumption, is an important element to consider.
The visionary "Zero Emission Building" concept aims to integrate all energy and material flows (water, biomass) associated with the building into the functioning of the building itself. The aim is to develop buildings which do not produce any emissions, thus approaching closed loop cycles of materials.

This symposium will present the findings of the ZEBISTIS project and integrate them into the workshops. Young professionals and students are invited to present their work as posters and thus run for "best poster award".

Flyer (PDF, 0.6 MB)